Famous brand logos are all around us – on TV commercials, on the road to work, on T-shirts, pens… And almost 90% of the time we are not even aware of their hidden meaning.

What do famous brand logos really mean?


The logo was designed by Coco Chanel herself while staying at the Chateau Cremat Castle, and was inspired by the arches that were everywhere in the castle. Interesting thing is that the logo also displays its initials.


For the Google logo, the three primary colors were chosen: red, yellow and blue, but later a green letter was added with the idea of ​​emphasizing that Google breaks down stereotypes.


At first glance, the logo looks just like letters, but if you look better at the letters G and l you will notice the famous razor.


The brand’s logo is made up of 3 diamonds that symbolize confidentiality, integrity and success, and the red color is chosen to symbolize self-confidence.


In 1975 student Caroline Davidson received just $ 35 for this logo that you would hardly ever recognize from depicting the Greek goddess Nike who inspired soldiers to win.

Le Tour de France

You may have seen this logo hundreds of times, but did you notice a bike rider?


The restaurant’s architect came up with the idea to make gold pillars that would be something recognizable by the fast-food brand. Later, when they wanted to change the logo, psychologist Luis Heskin pointed out that the arches resemble breasts and carefree childhood.