What would Walt Disney Princesses look like in 2016?

The young Brazilian artist Isaque Areas decided to show us how Disney Princesses would look today if they were naturally susceptible to aging. The artist wanted to show that even as people get older they can still radiate their energy and be charming and attractive in those years. The following images invite you to look at the differences between the princesses and see how they have changed physically since the year of the animated cartoon’s airing. Enjoy!

Snow White - the oldest princess still possessing the charm that springs out of her eyes
Cinderella - Cinderella's glamor remains shining at 85
Aurora - This sleeping beauty still shines at 73. Her 3 good villas, Flora, Fauna and Srecka did a good job
Ariel - 43-year-old Ariel successfully found fountain of youth
Bella - no doubt, the beast is still in love with Bella
Jasmine - Aladdin must be fascinated by the new look of his attractive and beautiful wife
Pocahontas - she still looks powerful and brave even at 39
Mulan - this princess is the youngest of all princesses and looks like a teenager at 34