Home Sweet Home! From time to time, we all face the same questions – how do we add fresh decor to our living space and save on our budget? The latest trends in home decoration can offer some helpful answers to this question. The good news is that you don’t have to be a millionaire with a degree in interior design to make your rooms look unique and vibrant!

Bring a forest to your home

Over the past decade, nature has become one of the central themes in interior design. Don’t let this style of simplicity be eradicated. When used as decorative elements, painted tree branches as segments can be beautiful and functional. Just think of the many possibilities! Nature’s gifts can be used to create unique hangers, room decor, shelves and panels. It is a great opportunity to decorate your apartment or house.

Wipe the dust off the old bike

Great idea for a loft, which will also be interesting for teenagers and any other room in the house if you are young (or young in heart) and have a tendency for speed and active recreation.

Give the jars a new life

Every household has a habit of storing glass jars and bottles. It almost looks like those unused jars of different shapes and sizes always stack up on our shelves. Well, now we can give them a chance to become decorative elements in our home! Use your imagination to transform glass jars into vases, lamps in various shades, pots, wall decorations, and many other stylish interior design elements.

Ladder to heaven

Even an old wooden ladder can become a part of your home’s interior design. Give the ladder a better look by covering it with a new layer of paint and varnish, and that’s it! – Seemingly unnecessary objects are always ready to function again! It can become a hanger, a shelf for towels, a bookshelf, a flower shelf, and even a chair.

Make your old suitcase functional again

A simple suitcase can prove extremely functional for designs of different types. Cleaned and upgraded old suitcases can be transformed into coffee trays, magazine shelves, tool boxes. The suitcases are perfect for art experimentation – you can paint them in different colors, with layers of decorative paper, or make them look older or newer than they really are. Use your imagination and make some beautiful, functional and highly creative results.