Logo changes on popular brands

Еverything changes with time, with no exception for brands. Well-known companies show how they care for their customers not only by updating their products but also by modifying their logos over time. We have selected 15 examples that will show you how the logos once looked like and how they look like now:

Business card designs

A small piece of paper can have a big impact on your business. You need 5 to 10 seconds to impress the recipient.

An entrepreneur’s business card is an extremely valuable marketing tool. However, the design of a business card and its importance as a reflection of the brand are often overlooked. A business card should convey a message about who you are. It should be your personal representative. Through it, people get the impression of what kind of service they can expect from you.

Here are some examples of business cards that use different textures, types of prints and unique design solutions that make a strong impression.

Notice the creative difference

What some famous logos would look like if they truly reflected the nature of their products.

In the following examples, we present fascinating designs by Italian designer Marco Schembri. He decided to show how the logos of certain well-known brands would look if they truly reflected the purpose of that product! Congratulations on the creativity of Marco Schembri!

Enjoy the gallery and notice the difference.


Red Bull









Logos of famous brands

Famous brand logos are all around us – on TV commercials, on the road to work, on T-shirts, pens… And almost 90% of the time we are not even aware of their hidden meaning.

What do famous brand logos really mean?


The logo was designed by Coco Chanel herself while staying at the Chateau Cremat Castle, and was inspired by the arches that were everywhere in the castle. Interesting thing is that the logo also displays its initials.


For the Google logo, the three primary colors were chosen: red, yellow and blue, but later a green letter was added with the idea of ​​emphasizing that Google breaks down stereotypes.


At first glance, the logo looks just like letters, but if you look better at the letters G and l you will notice the famous razor.


The brand’s logo is made up of 3 diamonds that symbolize confidentiality, integrity and success, and the red color is chosen to symbolize self-confidence.


In 1975 student Caroline Davidson received just $ 35 for this logo that you would hardly ever recognize from depicting the Greek goddess Nike who inspired soldiers to win.

Le Tour de France

You may have seen this logo hundreds of times, but did you notice a bike rider?


The restaurant’s architect came up with the idea to make gold pillars that would be something recognizable by the fast-food brand. Later, when they wanted to change the logo, psychologist Luis Heskin pointed out that the arches resemble breasts and carefree childhood.

Disney Princesses in 2016

What would Walt Disney Princesses look like in 2016?

The young Brazilian artist Isaque Areas decided to show us how Disney Princesses would look today if they were naturally susceptible to aging. The artist wanted to show that even as people get older they can still radiate their energy and be charming and attractive in those years. The following images invite you to look at the differences between the princesses and see how they have changed physically since the year of the animated cartoon’s airing. Enjoy!

Snow White - the oldest princess still possessing the charm that springs out of her eyes
Cinderella - Cinderella's glamor remains shining at 85
Aurora - This sleeping beauty still shines at 73. Her 3 good villas, Flora, Fauna and Srecka did a good job
Ariel - 43-year-old Ariel successfully found fountain of youth
Bella - no doubt, the beast is still in love with Bella
Jasmine - Aladdin must be fascinated by the new look of his attractive and beautiful wife
Pocahontas - she still looks powerful and brave even at 39
Mulan - this princess is the youngest of all princesses and looks like a teenager at 34

Designs that will amaze you

There are countless different products and brands on the market that will delight and consume you, but the most interesting are the ones that will draw your attention to the unusual packaging design. Today, sensible packaging design is as important as the product itself because it sells. In the first part of this blog, we present 10 clever product designs. Look …

  • Designers:

Fox in Sox, Russia. ©foxsox

Mats Ottdal, Norway. ©behance

Yuelan Liu, Belgium. ©behance

DraftFCB Hamburg advertising agency for Sony Walkman. ©draftfcb

Saturday Manufacturing, USA. ©saturdaymfg

YuJo! Creatividad Aplicada, Mexico. ©yujo

DOIT, Russia. ©behance

Intelligent logo designs

On average, creative designs can freely manipulate their target groups, inviting them to learn more about their business. Some of these designs really do impress with the ability of the author who created something so powerful and big and yet looks small. In the following pictures, you can see designs that will make you look twice. What do you see first?

1. Web Girls – Girl with dress or arrow with dot? (Andre Sousa design)
2. Crocodhill – Crocodile or mountain top with bird in flight? (brandcrowd.com)
3. Eleven music (piano bar) – Number 11 or part of the piano? (brandcrowd.com)
4. Nutty Squirrel – Ice cream or squirrel? (Erik Westlake)
5. Catfood – Cat or fork? (Jan Meeus)
6. Beer Canada – Glasses of beer or the letter E? (logopond.com)
7. 8 Fish – 4 or 8 fish? (Jerron Armes)
8. Safari into Africa – Elephant or map of continent Africa? (weareglad.com)
9. Snooty Peacock (beauty salon) – Girl or peacock? (Ryan Russell)
10. Eat Innovations – Elements of food with letter design? (ptarmak.com)
11. Veterinary Clinic – Dog, cat or rabbit? (Caroline Remy)
12. ADA, Adderley Dance Academy – Letters or ballerina foot? (grainedit.com)
13. Ninety percent – 90% or 90? (sliptalk.com)
14. Dolphin House – Road to the house or dolphin dorsal fin? (pinterest.com)
15. Spartan (golf club) – Golfer or spartan profile? (pinterest.com)